Cepot Patel will give credits where credits is due.
I mostly share model that I design myself. However, I will also share other designers’ works at this blog sometimes. In doing so, proper credits will be given to the original creator of the models.

Cepot Patel cannot give any guaranty that you will succeed in building the model you download from this blog.
I will test-build all models before making them available to download at this blog. I will make sure that all models are actually buildable. However, building paper models/paper crafts is a pretty challenging task and there are times when a build is simply fail. I cannot guarantee that your build will succeed. However, I will help you as best as I can do in building the models I design with more information or discussion.

Cepot Patel holds no responsibility for any injuries that might occur during the making of the models available on this site.
Sounds scary, but making paper models/paper crafts can be quite dangerous. The process involves cutting the plans/templates using sharp cutters or scissors. This activity should be conducted cautiously and carefully.