Batmobile Paper Model (Download)

Plan/Template Download: Batmobile Paper Model/Papercraft

Plan/template of Batmobile paper model/papercraft ready for download.
Batmobile papercraft by Cepot Patel

After some of rather unfortunate series of events (losing my old blog, my main hard disk gave up the ghost making me lose some of my model WIPs), I finally managed to have the time to design and build another papercraft. It’s the Batmobile paper model/papercraft. This particular Batmobile was from The New Batman Adventures animated series (some called the series The New Adventures of Batman and Robin). As you can see from my Ninjatoe’s Batman papermodel post, Batman is my favorite DC/Marvel heroes.

Download the plan/template and build your own Batmobile paper model/papercraft. There are many Batmobiles in Batman franchise along the years. Some of them are cool, some of them are a bit overdone (not so cool), and some of them are classic. This one, in my opinion, is one of those classics. It has a beautiful curvilinear shape with the traditional sharp front and a pair of fins at the rear. There are no ornaments or additional colors, which make it looks sleek and elegant.

Free Batmobile paper model/papercraft. Download the plan/template and build your own model. The “sexy curves” proved to be the biggest challenge in this Batmobile paper model/papercraft. As in making any paper models, I find spherical shapes trickier to make than shapes with straight lines and sharp angles. For that reason, I’ve kept the model as low-poly as possible, but still retains most of its curvy shape. After the relatively slow progress, I finally managed to finish the test build and complete the model.

Having completed the test build (rather) successfully, I’m now confident to share the plan/template of the model. Download links for the template/plan (PDF files) and link to the instruction page are available below. There are two sizes available so you can choose which one you think will suite you best. I hope you enjoy it. Happy crafting! :)

Pictures of Batmobile Paper Model/Papercraft

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Batmobile paper model by Cepot Patel Batmobile papercraft plan/template Batmobile paper model download

Batmobile Paper Model/Papercraft Details

Model Dimension: Small (4.2cm x 2.2cm x 10cm); Big (5.3cm x 3.3cm x 15cm)
Number of Parts: 35 (Small Model: 1 page of A4 paper; Big Model: 2 page of A4 paper)
Design: Cepot Patel

Document License

This paper model is available for free.

Distribution/sharing of this paper model at any sites, blogs, or social media is allowed on condition that the link points to this page. Please do not use direct link to the file hosting site.

Please do not re-upload the plan/template file(s) to other hosting site(s).

Batmobile Paper Model/Papercraft Download Links and Build Instruction

(The plan/template is available in PDF)

Small Model (4.2cm x 2.2cm x 10cm)

Big Model (5.3cm x 3.3cm x 15cm)

Build Instruction
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