[DOTA 2] Faceless Void (Chibi) Paper Model

Download the Template and Build the Cute Chibi Cubic Faceless Void Paper Model

A cute cubic chibi paper model style of Faceless Void from one of the most popular games at the moment: Dota 2
Dota 2 Faceless Void chibi papermodel

I wouldn’t call myself an enthusiast gamer but sometimes I play Dota 2, although I only play support because I realize I will always be an eternal newbie at this game. I’ve been a fan of the Warcraft series and it’s quite natural that I also enjoy a bit of Dota since the days of Dota 1. My interest in the game finally led me into making a paper model based on it. For the first project, I decided to make Faceless Void from Dota 2.

It is Faceless Void in a chibi or super-deformed, cubic papercraft version. Come to think of it, I never made a chibi-style paper model before. The nearest thing I ever made was probably my Gatotkaca Minion.

It’s been a fun experience and it proved to be not as easy as I imagined. The rather thick 200gsm brief-card papers I used didn’t make things any easier either. Nevertheless, I managed to finish the test build and am now ready to share my chibi (cubic) Faceless Void paper model.

Someone requested for more Dota 2 models in our local forum. I might go for Juggernaut in my next project but I haven’t decided it yet. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this model and I’ll see you in the next one.

Preview of Faceless Void Paper Model

Preview pictures of Faceless Void from Dota 2 in chibi papercraft version Click the picture to view in original size

Chibi Faceless Void papercraft dota 2 chibi papercraft of faceless void from dota 2 faceless void of dota 2 paper model

Here is a little video I made from my test building process. Some stages might be different from the final result I share now.

Details of Chibi Faceless Void Papercraft

Model size, number of parts, and papers needed to build the Faceless Void paper model Model Dimension: 10cm x 6.9cm x 6.3cm
Number of Parts: 29 parts
Number of Pages: 2 pages of A4-sized paper

Document License

This paper model is available for free.

Distribution/sharing of this paper model at any sites, blogs, or social media is allowed on condition that the link points to this page. Please do not use direct link to the file hosting site.

Please do not re-upload the plan/template file(s) to other hosting site(s).

Faceless Void Paper Model Template Download

Use the links below to download the template/plan of Faceless Void chibi papercraft/paper model. To open the .zip file, you can use Windows default zip extractor or you can use third party software such as 7zip.

To open the .pdf file, you will need PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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