Donation for Cepot Patel

Hola fellow modellers and crafters! Thank you for visiting my humble paper model blog.

As you can see, I love paper modelling (papercrafting) and I love sharing the models I made.
I really would like to make more and more paper models and share them for anyone interested in building those models.

Here is where you can take part to make more models available for more people, which is by making donation for this blog. The donation you make will help me a lot in getting my crafting supply (papers, inks, cutter blades, crafting tools, computer softwares, etc.) and also some cups of coffee (I need a lot of coffee to

Hopefully, with enough supply (and coffee), I will be more motivated in designing more and better models, and make them available for everyone.

Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. :)

Cahya Khrisna a.k.a Cepot Patel

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PS. Untuk rekan-rekan modeller dan crafter Indonesia yang tidak memiliki akses PayPal dan berniat menyumbangkan donasi, bisa melalui transfer bank. Untuk nomor rekeningnya silakan kontak melalui email ke Terima kasih.