About Cepot Patel

Hi. My name is Cepot Patel. ...And no, it does not mean that I am a descendant of a Sundanese and Indian family.

The name is just a cheesy acronym that stands for CEtak-POTong-liPAT-tempEL. Those are Indonesian words for print-cut-fold-glue...See. Cheesy, right?

I'm making this blog to to accommodate and share and my passion in paper model or paper craft.

It will be a place to share my builds and WIPs. Even better, it will also be the place to document my own designs. In the end, it will also be the place to share the templates of my own models, so anyone can build those models too.

I might write miscellaneous stuffs here and there too—as much as I love papermodeling, it’s not the only thing in life.

So….work hard, play hard, craft even harder!