[WIP - Part II] Bob the Builder’s Scoop Minus the Wheels

Almost There! Scoop Paper Model is Almost Complete

Scoop from Bob the Builder paper model/papercraft is almost finished. Completed main body, shovel, and backhoe.
Scoop of Bob the Builder no wheels

“Can we build it? Yes, we can!” And, seeing the progress I have made so far, apparently we will be able to build this paper model indeed—fingers crossed. This Bob the Builder’s Scoop paper model/papercraft project has been going on for about a month and I’m happy (and quite proud) to say that the test build is almost finish.

This project has become a real test for me, as I said in my previous post. My insistence to make Scoop paper model with articulated shovel and backhoe inevitably brought lots of headache because I never design an articulated papercraft, or even build one for that matter. Although painstakingly slow, with many revisions and re-revisions, I finally managed to build the main body and, most importantly, the articulated shovel and backhoe—they really worked!

Now, all I need to do is test build the wheels and axles. And when I finish with those parts, I will make Bob the Builder’s Scoop paper model/papercraft available for everyone—hopefully it won’t take another month for me to make the instructions. Haha…

Stay tuned!

Some Pictures of Scoop Paper Model Minus the Wheels

Here are some preview pictures of Bob the Builder's Scoop paper model/papercraft WIP, showing the completed parts that includes its main body, the articulated shovel, and articulated backhoe.
Scoop of Bob the Builder paper model no wheels

WIP Bob the Builder's Scoop papercraft

WIP paper model Scoop from Bob the Builder no wheels
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